Spiritual Direction

Helping you find god from the inside out

Feeling lost, stuck, or disconnected? Learn how to create a deeper relationship with God through the process of spiritual direction.

What is spiritual direction?

Discerning where God is and learning how to respond to him.

Who is spiritual direction for?

Anyone who wants to experience God in a deeper way

What do I talk about in spiritual direction?

Anything about your life where you want to be close to God! The more you open up to God in all of your life the more close you will feel to him.

Meet Maryl

Practical theology is my jam. Don’t tell me ideals and leave me hanging. I seek out the real in all interactions, especially with God. I look for the real ways to connect to God that have meaning and shape who we are from the inside out. 

I was what they call a cradle christian where it was all God, God, God, growing up. I knew a lot about God but I didn’t really KNOW God and I didn’t really know he knew ME or even cared about me! I was desperate to get God to LIKE me and to really please him. I was working hard for his love which left me empty, exhausted, and frustrated

Once I received the guidance to look for God inside my heart (who was there all along) everything changed! I finally could start the journey of discovering who I really was but more importantly who I was in CHRIST. I have spent the last 9 years walking with people of all ages, and backgrounds to help them articulate their hearts before our loving and powerful God. God wants to have an intimate relationship with you and its so easy to miss God in the everyday. 

My approach is honest, direct, compassionate, and imaginative. I believe God is in all things, if we only have the courage to face our fears and embrace the truth of God’s work in our lives. Then we can truly live free!



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“Maryl really helped me realize I am not alone with my thoughts and that she understands me, and even more importantly God understands me.”
Biola Student 2019
“I love how Maryl helped me identify some of the experiences in my life that was God when I thought He wasn't there.”
Private Client 2022
"Thank you so much for your genuine care! I am incredibly grateful for your prayer and have loved walking away from these times with ideas of what to bring before the Lord. Being able to empathize was such a blessing to me, to see that you are not only hearing my story but understanding and holding it up while brining it before the Lord. Thank you!"

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