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The Art Of
TransForming Prayer

Are you feeling stuck in a Spiritual rut?
Is your prayer life dry?
Do you long for more?

You are in the right place!

You long for more with God because there is more

Is this you?

Our Hearts Are Restless Until They Rest In You.

Here is what we will explore in this course

Here is a snapshot of the journey!

Week 1

-Unlearning our prayer life: What is REALLY going on in our prayer life? 

Week 2

– A guide to hearing God: Why prayer is dry and what God is doing in the wilderness?

Week 3

-From Knowing To Loving God: How to navigate emotions, thoughts, and being present with a God of love.

Week 4

-Becoming Prayerful: Intentional Prayer to Center Your Soul. 

Week 5

-Abiding In Prayer For Transformation: Recalling your real identity.

Week 6

– Unceasing Prayer: Creating an ongoing conversational language of prayer with God.


After this course you will find that

  •  Prayer becomes your home, not a to-do

  •  Your Heart Is In God’s Presence All The Time

  •  The Holy Spirit Is At Work In Your Life

  •  You Can Abide With Jesus From The Inside Out 

  •  Your Prayer Rhythm With God Fits YOU

  • There Is Freedom Old Messages About Prayer That Have Kept You Stuck

The Details

Hey There, I’m Maryl!

If you asked me 10 years ago what my prayer life was like I was say fine, but inside I would be telling myself I was a liar.
I longed to know God in prayer but I felt like something was broken in my connection to God. I thought I did something wrong and that God was waiting for me to figure it out.
I almost gave up but one day I decided to meet with a Spiritual Director and get some help with my prayer life. That’s when everything changed.
I discovered that God was with me all along and that I wasn’t “bad” at prayer. I had to relearn what prayer really was, not just theologically but in relationship through who I was and who God was in me.
This journey has transformed my prayer life to be a place of constant communion with the Father.
It is my greatest joy to accompany others as they learn how God speaks to them and how God wants to transform his children in prayer.
Through this process, you’ll come to know the perfect unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17:23, so that we can be one, like Jesus & the Father are one.
I’ve been a spiritual director for 8 years and a lifelong Christian (with some detours and pitfalls along the way). I hold a masters in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from the Talbot School of Theology. Join me!


What People Are Saying...

Hear How Raymeka Revived Her Prayer Life Through This Course Group Experience

"I was introduced to Spiritual Direction back in 2011. I instantly loved the process, having someone guide and reflect with you over your relationship with the Lord. It has been one of the most consistently helpful experiences as I've walked through life. The sessions often utilize a combination of Scripture, personal reflection and listening together, questions, and resources/tools to deepen one's walk with God. 

I found myself seeking out Maryl's expertise as a Spiritual Director in challenging seasons of my life. For example, recently I was so burnt out professionally that I found myself unable to hear from the Lord. I found that I didn't have the energy or ability to seek spiritual health on my own. Having Maryl walk alongside me during our sessions brought immense peace and helped me discern where God was showing up in that season. She offers insight from Scripture, prayers, and reflects with such wisdom that I often have numerous "a-ha" moments where I can feel myself reconnecting with God's heart and His love. She understands when to speak and when to allow the Spirit to move in silence. A few things have radically changed my walk with the Lord- spending quiet days with the Lord in solitude and silence, and these sessions with Maryl. 

Any follower of Christ in whatever stage of your life you're in- and whatever you might be wrestling or struggling with- seeing a Spiritual Director will help you sort through the questions, the noise, and experience Christ in a freeing and fresh way. Couldn't recommend it (and Maryl) more! "
Kelsie Hamilton-Salarda
Non-Profit Senior Program Manager, Orange County
My testimony: 

Having spiritual direction with Maryl opened up my eyes to so many things. I think for the first time in my life I learned about what listening really looks like, and what it can do to help foster one’s growth. I realize that through spiritual direction, then responses given enabled me to reflect a lot more as I share how I feel and process my own thoughts. It helped me to not only reflect, but to also see what’s really going on in my life and aware of God’s doing in the process. I also think spiritual direction is where I felt most comfortable to be honest and vulnerable. It gives me a start and set an example to help my church community exercise it as well. It was an unforgettable and impactful experience for me, and has became a significant breakthrough in my spiritual journey. 

This is how I truly feel about the spiritual direction
Vania Tompunu
Seminary Student, Indonesia
Having the space to listen to God and be prayed for by others enabled me to have more courage in my faith with Jesus. I now see my life mattering to God in big and small ways.
Lily Williams
Therapist, Los Angeles

If you are interested in a small group facilitation of this group, have questions about the process, or anything else please message me here!

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